’73 Triumph T140

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Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy tinkering with motorcycles more than riding them, I’m not sure but I do know that the two have always gone hand in hand for me.  I have always gravitated towards older bikes that require a bit of TLC.  RearTireMy latest project requires a bit more than just TLC.  It isn’t even a whole motorcycle, in fact it is little more than a few parts but that is exactly the kind of project I am looking for.  This one is going to take some time I don’t mind, that is part of the fun; sitting in a garage staring at a pile of parts while you think through exactly what you need to work on next.

I got this on trade from a guy who needed some parts I was unloading but had more projects than cash.  I believe I got the better end of the deal but even if I didn’t, I don’t really care.  I have a new project and I have been thinking about building an old school bobber project.






In case you don’t know what a bobber is, here is a shot of a beautiful Triumph bobber and this is a good reference for what I am aiming for.  I love the lines of a rigid frame, single saddle and naked front wheel.  Simple, old school cool.



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