Customer Engagement

We all know that technology continues to disrupt and change how we interact and consume information and entertainment.  The graph above doesn’t even tell the whole story; what it doesn’t depict is our ability to avoid advertising pushed at us through tradition channels.  It is a simple fact that interruption based tactics of reaching your audience are in decline. chartoftheday_2169_growth_of_average_time_spent_per_day_with_major_media_n You can however draw them to you by creating content (information, utility, entertainment) that attracts your customers to you and in the process gives them the ability to engage with your brand.

The Power of Story

There are some who would have you believe that because technology has changed the media landscape that story telling is no longer important.  They are wrong, it is more important than ever.  The digital landscape brings unprecedented opportunities to engage with your audience and to tell your story.  Sure, it’s now more of a conversation than a monologue but story telling remains a powerful and important tool that every marketer should have in their toolbox.

I have been helping businesses tell their story and reach their customers for over fifteen years and I can help you develop strategies and plans that will grow your business.

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