It’s a Great Time to be a Creator

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For those of us who are driven by the urge to create, build or make, I believe that we are living in times awash with opportunities even though they might not be the kind of opportunities we envisioned just a few years ago.

Due to the popularity of content marketing, Brands and their marketing agencies are racing to create more stuff, and to do it faster.   This trend is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future and the proof (to me) is that many big agencies are building their own in house production capabilities that will allow them to create stuff for their clients.  Because if they don’t they are going to be left behind.  Check out this story that ran in Advertising Age on April 13, 2015

Here is another piece on the idea of  “infinite Production” which hits some of the same points

Bottom line?  Brands and the agencies that serve them  need people who know how to create, people who have a broad set of skills that span from video production to animation to fast mobile first creative.

Don’t want to go to work for a big agency or some brand?  Technology is crushing the obstacles to creating and distributing your own work.  The most dramatic, recent example is the short film Sundays created by Mischa Rozema for $50,000.  After publishing it on Vimeo the film exploded and within just a few days  a bidding war ensued  to make the film into a feature length movie.   Sundays  is a wonderful piece of work, well written, beautifully shot and produced but here is really what grabs my attention, this was created for $50,000.  While that is a lot of money to most of us, in the film or advertising business that wouldn’t be enough to hire a small production crew for a day.  Secondly, Rozema was able to distribute and show his film completely outside of the movie system.  Even if it hadn’t resulted in Hollywood bidding on the rights to make it into a feature film he would have received job offers and solicitations from people looking for his skills in movies, Tv and advertising overnight.  Sundays  is a pretty extreme example so let’s look at the success of independent artists on youtube.  This story from cnet documents the ecosystem of talent that is producing their own content on youtube and generating not only serious followers but money as well.   My point is that if you have the drive to create technology is making it easier everyday to do so and to distribute what you make to a global audience.

The examples above are just a couple of ways that creators can look to support themselves, there are dozens of other ways to earn income such as on line marketplaces as well as following more traditional paths into the game and film industry.

 No, most of us will never produce something that gets the kind of attention generated by Sundays  but if we are willing to work hard, be creative, be a student of our craft, never stop developing our skill set I believe that we are entering a time that has more opportunities for creators than ever before in history.  So what are you waiting for?  Get back to work!

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