Liberty Reach is a Cannabis brand serving Washington State’s newly legal recreational cannabis market. When I started working with them, they had a logo and a name but they needed help establishing Liberty Reach as a lifestyle brand. The cannabis market is sophisticated, there are hundreds of designer strains and hybrids. The typical approach is to spend a lot of time talking about strains and pedigree and the different effects using terms like “couch lock”. The owners of Liberty Reach wanted to distance themselves from the typical cannabis marketing approach and reach what they saw as a new emerging market of people who are interested in trying cannabis but are uneducated and overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices on the market all speaking the same foreign language. So I helped them create an approach based on three experiences-


Run. Dance. Bike. Consort. Our engaged line will amplify
the joy of getting out to play.


When the muse comes, she comes. Make sure you are at
your desk when she visits. Our inspired line is the right
catalyst for all your artistic or entrepreneurial endeavors.


Feeling quiet? Looking to relax and unwind? Our Introspective
line is the perfect addition to your mood.

Then I helped them launch their brand doing the following:

  • Website
  • Social media strategy and content marketing
  • In store signage and sales materials
  • New Product Labels based on the three experiences
  • Retailer event to launch the new brand




Engaged_01_50 copy


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