Story Telling for Marketers – Positioning

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The heart of a good story is a focused, singular idea that connects with your audience in an emotional way.  In the context of selling an idea, your story must be:

  1. True and authentic to your organization and your organization’s values.
  2. Unique and differentiated from the competitive landscape
  3. Relevant to your audience and what they need or want.

In the world of business communications we call this positioning, and it is at the heart of communications strategy and story telling.  But here is the thing, most companies struggle with this because they are too close to their own work.  This process of developing a brand positioning is really a process of distillation, remember my point above about a focused singular idea?  It is hard because you have to make choices; you can’t be everything to everyone.   But this often makes marketers nervous because they worry that they aren’t appealing to a broad enough audience or that they are leaving out important ideas.  Simplify.  Distil.

I have been helping businesses do this for over thirteen years and I believe I can help you craft engaging stories that connect emotionally with your audience.

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