Triumph Bobber: Sludge Trap Removal

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crank_SludgeTrap_01The first step in the very long journey to build this motorcycle is to get the engine together and the first step in that  process is to remove the sludge trap, clean it out and then get the crank and the flywheel cleaned up.  As you can see from the photos the sludge trap and the crank are a mess. I had the rod bearing journals measured over at European Motorcycles and they are perfect so the good news there is that I won’t be to replace the crankshaft.  Next step will be to get the sludge trap back in and the flywheel installed.  The flywheel has to be heat shrunk onto the crankshaft and I am thinking that I am going to let the pro’s over at European Cycle take care of that and at the same time get my main bearings installed (which also require heat) since I haven’t done that before and not too sure about my ability to get it done right with the tools I have.

I cleaned up the crank and flywheels using white vinegar which worked better than I would have thought.  I also gave the journals a light buffing using very light sandpaper to clean them up using a shoestring and a strip of sandpaper wrapped around the journal to ensure I didn’t wear a flat spot into it.

You can see some marring in the journals that was there before I started the light sanding.  I want to get

cleanCrank_01them looked at again to make sure they don’t need to be buffed out.journals


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